The OOH Squad has it's roots in non-traditional out-of-home going back to the late 1980's when two pioneers of alternative OOH started a company called AJ Indoor. Two childhood buddies from northern MN, started an indoor billboard company while in college and eventually left school to pursue this venture full time. I grew up with these guys and eventually joined them after my stint in college. We built and sold various OOH companies over our 30 years in the industry and paved the way for other non-traditional OOH vendors. Our mantra was always "work hard, play hard" which proved to be a great formula for our success. Most of our OOH formats still exist and thrive in the world of media.

Eighteen years of our OOH career have been spent in the truckside advertising arena. During that time we built  the country's largest truckside billboard company. I've got a particular fondness and passion for this OOH media format and after leaving our last media company, I knew that I wanted to continue doing something with this medium. Building on our combined 40+ years of OOH experience and as a tribute to the founder of AJ Indoor, Jim Arabanos, we're doing it again using the same formula that helped us build and sell several successful OOH companies . . . Over deliver to your customers, take great care of your employees, work hard and have fun doing it.

We're nimble, knowledgeable and ready to provide you a great advertising experience. We look forward to working with you.

Troy Dilla - President/The OOH Squad

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