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lifestyle marketing

   The OOH Squad is lifestyle marketing that puts your message in the pathway of targeted consumers. We provide formats that can provide broad market coverage throughout an MSA or DMA or in geo-targeted segments of a metro area.  You can either own the market or target a specific geographic and/or demographic focused audience. Our goal is to enhance your overall marketing campaign with memorable impressions 24/7.

Our lifestyle marketing portfolio consists of C-Store Advertising and Bar Media.

c-store overview

The OOH Squad's network of C-Stores & Gas Stations provides advertisers the flexibility to create a national, regional or local media solution with eye-level ads on pumptops at stations throughout the country. This media format engages consumers during their daily routine and in an environment where they're captive for several minutes at a time. Making your message and brand memorable and effective, potentially creating a call to action.

Whether it's full market coverage or targeted geographic and/or demographic audiences you're in need of, C-Store advertising is a flexible medium that allows you to strategically place your message where's it's most needed to enhance your overall media mix. Much like our truckside advertising program, it provides you OOH coverage in markets or areas where traditional OOH is limited or restricted.

c-store advantage

Benefits of Convenience Store Advertising

This format is truly a lifestyle marketing tool that engages advertisers during their daily routine within a 3-4 mile radius of where they live, work or play.

Provides an uninterrupted, impactful message to a captive audience for 3 to 5 minutes.                  

The large display pumptop ads are placed at eye-level so your consumer doesn't need to find your message, it finds them.        

The extended dwell time at these venues provides multiple viewing exposures which increases the opportunity to create point-of-purchase transactions.

On average, patrons visit C-Stores/Gas Stations 4 to 5 times weekly, whether it's to purchase gas or get their morning coffee.   

bar media overview

Branding your company and message at bars, nightclubs, restaurants and other designated venues can provide great lift to any campaign and enhance your exposure and engagement with a targeted audience with disposable income. It also allows you to be highly effective with your advertising dollars by strategically delivering these impressions to targeted demographics in selective geographic locations.

bar media advantage

Bar Media consists of a variety of branded products at bars, nightclubs and restaurants such as


Beverage Napkins

Pint Glasses

Mirror Clings

Match Boxes

Bar Towels

Check Presenters