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Driving your message home.


Our primary media format is truckside billboards. These moving billboards are a hybrid of traditional outdoor billboards and transit advertising. Delivering the best features of each of these mediums.  Like traditional outdoor, truckside ads provide a large, impactful visual message at a fraction of the cost, and at the same time, they deliver the reach and mobility of transit advertising without getting lost below the traffic lines. The OOH Squad partners with only the most reputable of localized delivery and courier companies that deliver to premier retailers and businesses throughout the day. Providing your message at the point of purchase to a captive audience.

Truckside Advantage

Full Market Coverage

Provide impactful, full market coverage. Even in Urban & Suburban areas where traditional OOH is limited and/or restricted

Maximum Exposure

The large display panels on these delivery trucks are easy to view from a distance and sit above the traffic lines to ensure maximum exposure for advertisers                    

Impactful Impressions

Trucksides can enhance your overall marketing mix and deliver a desired circulation mix of high capacity viewership from interstate commuter routes and the complementary impressions on city arterials

High DEC / Low CPM

These trucks on average generate 40,000 Daily Impressions/Vehicle between the prime morning and afternoon drive times when 80% of all traditional outdoor DEC (Impressions) are captured at an average CPM below $2.00.    

gps mapping

Through the GPS Mapping of our fleet partner's trucks, we're able to provide an overview of the coverage from the vehicles in your campaign.

Minneapolis/St. Paul GPS Map
16 Trucks / 7 Days



The number of vehicles on the road has risen 147% since 1970


The average American round trip commute is 54 minutes


57% are Male 38 Years + / 33% are Female 34 Years +


The average commuter dines out at least 4 times/week


74% attend at least 4 major sporting events/concerts per year